Safety Committee

Safety Committee

The School Safety Committee oversees and evaluates the school environment, taking necessary measures to address identified hazards. It provides guidance on policies and strategies to improve both school safety and the overall well-being of students. Our school’s safety committee ensures a balanced representation of parents, students, and teachers.


The following are the members of the School Safety Committee:

Head of School       

  •   Anu Behl Roy



  •    Yusra Jamal
  •    Arnav Singh
  •    Saatvik
  •    Soumya Das



  •   Sudipta Banerjee
  •   Divya Sharma
  •   Kanishka Vedi
  •   Rashmita Das



  •   Prachi Josh


Primary Teachers 

  •   Latika Mehra
  •   Bindiya Arora


Other Staff 

  •   Shafique Ahmed
  •   Sunandita Ganguly
  •   Tapashi De
  •   Chaman Lal
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