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Cambridge School New Friends Colony is a young and attractive school in a youthful and modern city; but is part of a group of well-known schools founded in 1931. It believes in cherishing and preserving tradition as well as in providing students with the skills and competencies that are necessary to understand the enterprising world they live in and make their unique contributions.

This school, founded in 1931 and located for over 5 decades at 107 Daryaganj is the oldest member of the Cambridge School family and one of the oldest schools in Delhi. It moved to its current 2- acre campus in 1984.

We Learn To Serve

Our Motto – ‘We Learn to Serve’ reflects concern about others, the resolve to listen and to help.
The book signifies learning
The star signifies the aspiration to excel
The torch signifies the flame of courage and leadership
The tree signifies rootedness in integrity and the development of empathy with the surroundings

Headmistress' Message

Children come to us as toddlers. They will leave school as young adults, their personalities and potential largely determined by their experiences in school.

The primary school years are perhaps the most significant. By the age of eleven the child has learnt how to read and has grasped the rudiments of number and quantity; but more than that she should have learnt to love reading, to be fascinated by numbers, and to enjoy finding out things in answer to her own questions.

At Cambridge Primary School we believe that a successful child is one who wants to learn and that exploration is easily the best way to learn.

What Makes Our School Special

Experienced Teachers

Every quality learning program is backed by the experience of an immensely qualified and dedicated team of certified teachers.

Student Centric

The curriculum is curated while adhering to a student-centric approach for an age-appropriate learning experience.

Academic Success

Over the years we have helped countless students walk the path of academic success by guiding them with quality education.

Satisfied Parents

Cambridge has been the reason behind the happiness and satisfaction of many parents, helping them witness their child’s growth and success from the very beginning.

Life @ Cambridge

Events & Activities

Eminent Cambridgians

Salman Khan

Cambridge School, Srinivaspuri

Saurabh Sen Sharma

Cambridge School, Noida

Namrata Tomar

Cambridge School, Noida
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