Circulars and Reports

Notice regarding air pollution

Dear Parents,

We are extremely concerned about the impact that Delhi’s air could have on its citizens, especially its children. In this regard, please note the following:

-The school will be closed for the children of classes Nursery and Prep from Monday, November 4 to Wednesday, November 6, 2019, which may be extended if required.

-Monday, November 4 and Tuesday, November 5 are holidays for the children of classes I to V. They will join back  school on Wednesday, November 6.

-The school time-table will be altered so that the children are in the playground only when it is sunny and bright.

-Parents whose children suffer from asthma or bronchitis are advised to keep them home, so that they are spared the commute.

-Parents of all children are advised to procure anti-pollution masks and get their children to use them. This is especially important when they are travelling to and from school.

I take this opportunity to urge you to be environmentally conscious in all your decisions.



Anu Behl Roy