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Republic Day – 2022

  • Date & Time:
    • January 1, 1970

A special online assembly was held on January 25 to celebrate Republic Day for the entire school.

The assembly started with the national anthem. Thereafter, while the significance of this national festival was being discussed the children were told what the terms ‘Republic’ & ‘Constitution’ actually stand for. Glimpses of last year’s field celebrations brought in nostalgia for all. A video showing our class I and 2 students dressed up in traditional dresses from different states of India added to the theme of ‘Unity in Diversity’. A lively display of tri-colour tattoos by Prep children was shown through a video playing Saare Jahan Se Achha in the background. The last 2 paragraphs of the famous song Awaaz Do Hum Ek Hain, rephrased by the famous poet Javed Akhtar was sung. These stanzas of the song bring out the need of the hour to shun hatred and stand up as being Indians above all. The assembly ended on an exciting note by a dance medley by the students ‘Des Mera Rangila’ prepared especially for the occasion.