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  • Date & Time:
    • January 1, 1970


Independence Day Celebrations in School, 2022

A series of assemblies were presented by the students of class 4, with the intention of taking the students and staff through the struggle torn journey, that led India towards its independence.

  • The first in this series was an assembly on the 5th of August narrating the stories of Mangal Pandey and Rani of Jhansi. Videos, pictures and a short narration of their stance in 1857 against the British, shaped this presentation. It concluded with a zestful recitation of the poem “Jhansi Ki Rani” by the children.
  • This was followed by an assembly on the 10th of August that took the story of the struggle for independence further to the Quit India Movement. The assembly was marked by actual slogan shouting by the children, to demonstrate the fervour that had brought the whole country together.

Both these assemblies were marked by soulful renditions of patriotic songs by the children. Further, in keeping with the spirit of independence, all staff dressed in traditional Indian attire through these days in August.

The above assemblies culminated into the final assembly which was held on the 12th and 13th of August. On both the days, the assembly started with the prabhat pheri, followed by the flag hoisting. The special assembly, presented by the students of class 4, highlighted the story of Khudiram Bose.  Adorned by patriotic music and dances the play was an inspiring tale of his courage and aspiration to free his motherland.

Lots of activities were organized in the school on 12th,

Some of these were:

  • Kite flying for classes III – V
  • Craft activities for classes nur, prep and 1
  • Patriotic movies seen by classes II and IV
  • Community service activities by class III
  • Laddoo serving to the rest of the school, by the students of class V

On 12th August, our official school video ‘ This land is your land ‘ was released on the YouTube.

On August 15, the flag was hoisted in the school at 9.30 a.m. It was followed by a short informal cultural program.