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    Gujarat Day – 2020
    In Class IV students study about Gujarat. To take this learning a step forward, they celebrate Gujarat Day, every year. This year too it was celebrated. Students and teachers were seen all dressed in traditional Gujarati outfits. The day started with a few students giving a presentation on topics related to the subject. This was [...]
      8th A.C. Deb Memorial Lecture
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        Republic Day – 2020
        The day began with the hoisting of the tricolour. Class 5 students along with a teacher contingent marched to the tune of patriotic songs. Class 3 students celebrated India's diversity by presenting a medley of dances comprising of a Naga dance, a Bihu dance and a dance specially choreographed to A. R . Rehman's version [...]
          The Christmas Assembly was presented by the school choir on December 24th. The choir sang many beautiful carols, hence, getting the whole school into the Christmas spirit.
            Class V Annual Program-2019
            On November 30, Class V children had their annual show for the parents. They performed for the school children on Nov. 29. The students put up a play titled Robin Hood widely interspersed with lively songs and dances. The program was entirely an in-house production with music, dance, drama, light, sound, costumes, props and decorations being taken care of [...]
            • 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
            Athletic Meet-2019
            An athletic meet is done for all classes from Nur – V. Flat races, relay races and fun races were organized for all the students.