Young Achievers

Urna Ghosh-2A

Our Young Artist

An International Drawing Competition was organized by Schoolalerts ( on July 31st and August 1st 2021. Urna Ghosh of Class 2A secured the third position. It was an hour-long sit-and-draw competition arranged online by the organizers. Children were grouped according to their grades and given topics to choose from. Urna chose to draw a scenery of her choice.

Our Young Writer

Congratulations to Midori Das of Class 4 A for being a wonderful writer. She participated in the Kikli story writing competition where 29 schools from 14 cities participated and was declared one of the 51 winners whose stories will be compiled into a book and published. The Cambridge family is proud of you.

Short story by Midori - Lulu

On a sunny day, a fisherman waited by the river. It was a long, long wait. Yet, he couldn’t find his catch. He was about to give up … hang on!  He netted something.

Oops! It was a shoe! Next, he found a can. And then, more cans, more junk. Wait. The there was a box, too.

Pop. The box opened on its own. A fish was inside.

“Hello! I am Lulu,” the fish spoke up. The fisherman jumped in shock. “Please don’t hurt me. I can do magic, fulfil three of your wishes,”

Lulu the fish, said.

“What, really?” the fisherman said, still unable to believe. “Umm

…let me try. My best friend’s mom has covid. They are too poor to buy medicines. Can you help?”

“Of course, I can. Go to his house and check. There will be a bagful of medicines outside her door.”

The fisherman floated the box with Lulu back in the waters and went back to the village to check on his friend’s mom.  Indeed, the family found medicines by the door, along with a prescription on what to take and when!

“Magic, magic” the villagers shouted.


The fisherman went back to the same spot by the river in a few days.

The box appeared from the waters. Pop! Lulu the fish came out.

“How is your friend’s mom now?” “Very well. I have come to thank  you.” “Do you have a second wish?”

“Yes. My eight- year old daughter was playing in the forest. She ran after a butterfly.  Now, we can’t find her. It has been a few hours

and everyone is anxious. Can you help?”

“Of course. She will be back by the time you are home. Go.”

The fisherman went back.  Indeed, his daughter found her way back. She was playing, and happy.

The fisherman and his wife were happier.


The fisherman was back to meet Lulu in a month. His wife had suddenly passed away of a lung disease. He was sad.

“Lulu, Lulu”.

The box floated up, and Lulu came out.

“Hello! Do you have a third wish?”

“Yes. My wife died. The doctor said it was because of pollution.  My daughter and I don’t want to live on land anymore.  Make us fish. We want to live with you.”

“Ha ha. It is no better here. You humans have polluted our waters. We are dying. I can’t grant this wish.”

“I am sorry, Lulu.”

“Clean the waters. Plant more trees. Don’t burst crackers. Both of us can live happily.”

Lulu disappeared.

The fisherman began cleaning the river the next day. He pulled out plastic bottles and cans. The villagers saw and joined him. They also planted hundreds of trees along the river, and in their village. The village head sent out a notice—no tree should be cut. In a few months, the villagers noticed a change. The air felt better, it rained more.  Fields were green with plentiful of crops.

The fisherman went back to meet Lulu. It was a sunny day. Birds chirped. The water was so clean he could see a school of fish play.

“Lulu, Lulu”

The box did not float up. The river smiled.