Holiday Homework


Happy Holidays!

It’s holiday time for the kids! So here are some tips for lockdowns and non-lockdowns –

1. Ask your children to help you in whatever you are doing. Especially helping in the kitchen can be fun. So can cleaning and jhaadu pocha.

2. Kitchen gardening is a must-acquire skill for the future.

3 Learn to play a musical instrument if there is one at home.

4. Read story books.

5. Too much time-tabling is not great for anyone. Let your children choose how they spend some of their time.

6. Some boredom is healthy. Let them just sit and look out of the window. It makes children reflective and imaginative-two great qualities.

7. Reduce screen time.

8. The holiday homework is being uploaded on the parent portal, the website and will also be sent on WhatsApp.

Stay healthy! Stay safe!

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