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    Christmas Assembly
    The Christmas Assembly was presented by the school choir on December 24th. The choir sang many beautiful carols, hence, getting the whole school into the Christmas spirit.
      Activity Week, December 2018
      Activity Week 2018 Activity Week 2018 was a six-day celebration from the 20th December till the 28th.It is a week devoted to learning, fun and enjoyment. Special activities, field trips and workshops are organized during this week. The Christmas Assembly was presented by the school choir on December 24th. The choir sang many beautiful carols, [...]
      • 11:30 am to 1 pm
      Class V Annual Show
      Class V Annual Day celebrated on the 30th of November and the 1st of December, showcased the theatrical presentation of the famous tale of Alibaba and The Forty Thieves with some alterations, leaving out the violent aspect of the story and adding a lot of funny elements. It was a power packed performance with beautiful [...]
      • 8:00 am to 9:00 am
      Gurpurab – Guru Nanak’s Prakash Utsav
      Class 3 C presented a brief assembly on the occasion of Guru Purab, the birth of the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The assembly started with the children singing the ' shabad', followed by a small skit based on the life of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji....

      Core Purpose

      To develop an educational programme and environment which nurtures boys and girls, who will endeavour to be good citizens and distinguish themselves in all walks of life.

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      Children come to us as toddlers. They will leave school as young adults, their personalities and potential largely determined by their experiences in school. The primary school years are perhaps the most significant. By the age of eleven the child has learnt how to read and has grasped the rudiments of number and quantity; but more than that she should have learnt to love reading, to be fascinated by numbers, and to enjoy finding out things in answer to her own questions. At Cambridge Primary School we believe that a successful child is one who wants to learn and that exploration is easily the best way to learn.

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      What we want to see is the child in pursuit of knowledge not knowledge in pursuit of the child.

      – George Bernard Shaw

      The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

      – Sydney J. Harris